Successful business turnaround CEO.

“I believe people of faith need to step up and run for public office to fight for our values.”

Bill Fielder is a father, businessman, CPA, conservative Republican, and proud American! He has successfully been the “turnaround” guy for multiple companies throughout his career.  He is currently the owner of five television stations, all of which are managed out of Forsyth County.

Bill spent most of his early years near the Fort Benning military base in Columbus, Georgia. He worked his way through college, taking many different jobs to provide for himself. Over the course of his college education, he was everything from a waiter, brick mason assistant, to a mobile home salesman. He has always known you have to work hard to reach your goals.

After graduating college, his early career was spent working in the accounting field for several companies. Working his way up the corporate ladder, he was eventually hired by Gray Communications Systems (now Gray Television) as the CFO. As CFO, he played a significant role in Gray’s financial turnaround. While at Gray, Bill led the effort for a secondary public offering, where Gray eventually became listed on the New York Stock Exchange, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in new capital.

Bill went on to work for several businesses that needed a turnaround CFO to right the ship. In 2008, he managed to purchase a struggling television station based in Alaska. He quickly went to work at the station, cutting costs at every turn, renegotiating contracts, and finding additional revenue streams. He now owns a portfolio of successful television stations in two states.

Bill is the father of two wonderful adult children and resides in Cumming. He is an active and involved member at Christ Community Church.