Businessman and successful turnaround CEO launches campaign for open State Senate seat in Forsyth County’s 27th district. Pro-Trump businessman will largely self-fund campaign.

CUMMING, GA – Businessman Bill Fielder announces he will be a conservative Republican candidate in Forsyth’s open State Senate seat. Fielder will bring his experience turning around troubled companies to the state government. Other areas of focus will be championing religious freedom (RFRA), Constitutional carry, and other areas that need someone unafraid to do what is needed.

Largely funding his campaign with his own money, Bill Fielder will not be bound by the constraints of special interests, lobbyists, or groups and organizations that often control elected officials. When a candidate is dependent upon a specific group of people for support, they become indebted, leading to elected officials controlled by a few rather than the people of the district.

Fielder added, “I believe people of faith need to step up and run for public office to fight for our values.”  He continued, “I believe America is at a crossroad. The election of Donald Trump has clearly pitted elected officials who support special interests against those that support the will of the people. We need people in every office across the country challenging the establishment and once again fighting for the people. I will be the candidate fighting for the people of Forsyth.”

Bill Fielder is a father, businessman, CPA, conservative Republican, and proud American. He is currently the owner of five television stations, all of which are managed out of Forsyth County. He is the father of two wonderful adult children and resides in Cumming. He is an active and involved member at Christ Community Church.

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