Veterans & military families
I will support legislation which strengthens our military and their families:

  • Tax incentives for businesses that employ veterans.
  • Immediately removing the income tax from all Georgia veterans!

Always Pro-Life
I will support all legislation that preserves the Right to Life for the unborn.

Gun Rights: Constitutional Carry
I will always support legislation that protects our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, including Constitutional carry legislation.

As someone whose life was forever changed by a brutal home invasion that resulted in the murder of three members of my family, I strongly support the right to use deadly force in self-defense.

Law enforcement pay raise
Our law enforcement is under attack across the country. They do a tough and dangerous job, yet here in Georgia many are extremely underpaid. Over 3200 Georgia law enforcement officers are currently on Food Stamps. This is not how a Christian nation should provide for those who protect us each day. I will support legislation that ensures our officers receive a pay raise that will allow them to provide for their families with dignity.

Illegal immigration: Ban sanctuary cities 
I support President Trump’s proposal to build a wall across our southern border. We cannot fix our illegal immigration problems with a constant flood of people pouring across our border. I also support Georgia’s right and duty to prohibit sanctuary cities from our state.

Georgia FairTax: Remove the state income tax!
I support a consumption-based state sales tax in place of our state income tax. Florida and other surrounding states do this, we can also with the right leadership.

Religious freedom
I support legislation that will protect individuals, providers of services, and faith-based organizations from being forced to perform services in violation of their religious beliefs. I fully support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and will sign this legislation when elected.